About The Buds Girl

Sarah (a.k.a. "The Budsgirl")

Its all about the roots

My name is Sarah (a.k.a. The Budsgirl), I am a personal homegrower/ urban homesteader and horticultural entrepreneur. I have been growing seedlings out of my basement in some form or another for over 10 years (vegetables, perennials, herbs, flowers).

I am also just an average busy widowed suburban Canadian housemom. I get momlife, it's hard sometimes. With a couple kids, a couple dogs, a rescued stray cat and a clutch of pet hens, I am a busy girl.

I have had the chance to being provided with many opportunities for growth and change in life. Struggling with my own mental health, my husbands mental health and the eventual loss of my husband in 2016 lead to a major turning point in finding a better relationship with my body and myself so that I could have better relationships with the people in my life. I was lead down a journey to where I am today.

I am grateful today for the day my wonderfully supportive partner, Blair, came into my life. Although I may have not been so sure he would be able to handle my life when we first, he has more than proven his worth. My partner and I share the duties equally in our home. He changed the dynamic by embracing my kids as his own and helping me to work towards a more simple, happy life for our family. No matter what I am passionate about, from my local cut flower business to saving the bees and reducing our water and energy costs- he is there to stand behind me and get it done.

Together, Blair and I have formed a special bond over learning to grow Cannabis at home together. Whether its being able to sneak to our indoor grown tent girls in the winter while its -40 and snow outside, or sitting amongst our summer girls in the greenhouse in peaceful darkness to the sound of crickets, our plants give us a place to unwind after our day long day and reconnect.

I want to be part of ending the stigma between femininity and Cannabis by opening up about my own journey and relationship with this flower (a female one at that).

Being what I am, I have gained a connection to the things I grow and believe full heartedly that much like flowers, vegetables or fruit- Cannabis looks, tastes and just plain IS better and that much of that comes from the love you put into them.

In a perfect world, I would love to see every home in Ontario that wants to and legally can, experience the joy of growing their own at home. The technology exists, its economical and affordable and requires little space to save people much like growing vegetables saves on your grocery bill... but on a greater savings scale. But I understand that much like any other plant... not everyone has the technical skills to be able to just set up and go and that it is intimidating to most Canadians to venture into the world of indoor homegrown now that it is legal to do so.

I have developed a business to bring the technical skills and personal service to new recreational homegrowers in a personal, private and convenient way- in their own home.

Thank you all for following and your support.

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Crafting Cannabis

My hope is to bring about a lifelong passion for the craft of homegrown Cannabis to Ontario households.

Thank you for your following and support.

My story told as a guest in the wonderful podcast series "It Happened in Ontario" can be heard here: