Recreational Growing Packages

Setup Package


New indoor growers this package includes setup on site of your new tent and grow equipment and a walkthrough tour of your new toy with you.  

Available to residents in the Durham Region, Peterborough and Kawarthas.

$200.00 Startup (Regularly $250.00) for a limited time.

Autoflower Crashcourse


Autoflowers are a great way to enjoy your new favorite hobby on a pint size scale. These little wonders have a shorter veg and flower cycle than their traditional large scale sisters. They also dont really care about light cycle and will grow great and produce beautifully even under an LEC fixture.

Let me work with you to design a growing and succession plan so that you constantly have a plant ready.

Includes Initial setup of equipment you have purchased and 3 (1 )hour consultation appointments in your home scheduled throughout your grow for learning a few new things about your plants and to give them an overall health check while I am there and point out things of interest and concern. I leave you the discretion on when to use your appointments during your initial grow cycle of plants. You decide the times you want the most help. Ongoing personal one on one support throughout your first 12 weeks for any issues that arise (nutrient issues, pests and disease, etc). Educational materials and a grow plan will be provided for you to keep and follow. 

Note: this package excludes all growing supplies and you are responsible for obtaining your own Autoflower strain seeds. 

Special package price of $325.00 if you are within a 50km radius of the Kawarthas

Full Service Package


Full Grow Packages strive to provide the opportunity to enjoy producing your own home grown top quality cannabis easily and efficiently within the privacy of your own home with little to no effort from you (at your discretion). Friendly knowledgeable plant care that you can easily learn from and develop your own skills as we grow together. Allowing you to personally craft your own legally grown, meticulously cared for, top quality cannabis in the privacy of your own home.

Packages include:
Initial consult and startup appointment of approximately an hour and then weekly (or twice weekly) visits of approx. a half hour from that point forward throughout the indoor growing cycle (based on 9 week flowering strain) scheduled at the same times each week. During these visits I will inspect your plants, water in fertilizers (included)  and defoliate any suspect leaves and inspect for pests and complete any staking, pruning or cropping as needed.

We will develop a personalized growing plan to fit your budget and space restrictions and strain(s).  With over 10 years of indoor growing experience, I can provide you with an accurate picture of your grow throughout its progress.

This package is includes everything you need to make your grow successful. You just need to purchase initial equipment, have proper electrical requirements figured out and a means to clean fresh water. We include the rest to get your plants to final flush including the following:

Quality growing medium

Professional, multi-part stage specific fertilizer  **

Professional growing pots for each required transplant

 Note: our pots are sterilized and re-purpsed for to reduce waste and unnecessary pots for clients to store. Brand new pots are available for purchase and your re-use.

Ph testing of water and dechlorniation (if applicable)/ ph adjustment of water used in your home

**organic fertilizer use and various pest control options are available for additional fees.

Note: excludes seeds, clones or plants but recommendations can be made for places to purchase seeds.
Extra: Initial setup of equipment and monitoring to adjust humidity and temperature and air circulation in your new grow can be arranged and added at a discounted rate when combined with a full care package.

1 visit per week $525.00/ grow

2 visits per week $850.00/

Contact for more information